Multilingual Linked Open Data Patterns

Catalog of Multilingual Linked Open Data Patterns

ClassificationPatternShort Description
Naming Descriptive URIsUse descriptive URIs with ASCII characters, % encoding extended characters
Opaque URIsUse non human-readable URIs
Full IRIsUse IRIs with unicode characters
Internationalized Local namesUse Unicode characters only for local names
Include language in URIsInclude language information in the URI
Dereferencing No language NegotiationReturn the same triples independently of the Accept-language header
Language Content NegotiationReturn different triples depending on user agent preferences
Labeling Label everythingDefine labels for all the resources
Multilingual LabelsAdd language tags to labels
Labels without language tagAdd labels without language tags in a default language
Longer descriptions Divide long descriptionsReplace long descriptions by more resources with labels
Lexical informationAdd lexical information to long descriptions
Structured LiteralsUse HTML/XML literals for longer descriptions
Linking Inter-language identity linksUse owl:sameAs and similar predicates
Soft Inter-language linksUse predicates with soft semantics
Linguistic metadataAdd linguistic metadata about the dataset terms
Reuse Monolingual vocabulariesAttach labels to vocabularies in a single language
Multilingual vocabulariesPrefer multilingual vocabularies
Localize existing vocabulariesTranslate labels and other textual information of existing vocabularies
Create new localized vocabulariesCreate custom vocabularies and link to existing ones