Multilingual Linked Open Data Patterns

Multilingual Linked Open Data Patterns

Authors: Jose Emilio Labra Gayo, Dimitris Kontokostas and Sören Auer

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This document presents a catalog of patterns to publish Multilingual Linked Data and identify some issues that should be taken into account.

The patterns are classified according to the common tasks that have to be performed to publish linked data:

This task refers to the process of URI design and dataset description from a multilingual point of view.
This task describes patterns to handle dereferencing in a multilingual environment. For example, should we return the same or different representation depending on the language?
When publishing linked data, there are a number of reasons to label different resources. In a multilingual setting, how can we provide labels for different languages?
Longer descriptions
We consider that resource labels are different from longer textual information. Not all textual information attached to resources are labels and in fact, longer descriptions, like comments, or even book chapters, can be encoded in literals and contain textual information in different languages.
In a multilingual setting, it is possible to have different resources representing the same thing in different languages. How can we link those resources?
Linked data is all about reuse of data. When multilingual data is linked to vocabularies, is it better to have multilingual vocabularies or to localize existing ones?


Catalog of Multilingual Linked Open Data Patterns

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This work has been partially funded by Spanish project MICINN-12-TIN2011-27871 ROCAS (Reasoning on the Cloud by Applying Semantics). Some of these best practices were presented at the Multilingual Web Conference, Dublin 2012 and at the Multilingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises Workshop, Leipzig, 2012. We appreciate the comments and discussions of the participants of those events. We would also like to acknowledge the comments given by: Jose María Álvarez Rodríguez, Basil Ell, Manuel T. Carrasco, Aidan Hogan, Richard Cyganiak, Sebastian Hellman, Mohamed Morsey, John McCrae, Pablo Mendes, Elena Montiel and Jeni Tennison.