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This maintains information about the meetings of the WESO research group at University of Oviedo.

WESO Research Group Meetings


This page contains information about WESO meetings. Each meeting has its own agenda, and minutes will be posted in the invitation document after the meeting, including topics discussions and decisions, if necessary.


October 2020

16th October - Jose Labra - Shapes applications and tools

9th October - Daniel Fernández - Wikidata hackathon

Dani makes a brief introduction about Wikidata, Commons, Wikibase, and how these projects are related and integrated in the Wikimedia’s ecosystem. Then, he introduces the idea of organizing a hackathon to produce apps which use the data available in Wikidata and Commons. This is a first meeting to discuss several dimensions of this project: targte public, which external external organizations may have interest in participating, scope of the hackathon, dates, people within WESO interested this initiative… some conclussions arise:

2nd - Emilio Rubiera - Phd Thesis

Emilio Rubiera presents his PhD work in linguistics. The main contribution of his thesis is a nowel classification of types of communication, which includes a new category of elements which have both discursive and iconic features. The slides of this tlak can be dowloaded here: Material.

September 2020

25th - Jose Labra, Alejandro González, and Pablo Menéndez - HERCULES

The speakers present the HERCULES project to the rest of the members of WESO. Labra introduces the general frame of HERCULES and its different modules, including ASIO (Arquitectura Semántica e Infraestructura Ontológica) and EDMA (Enriquecimiento de Datos y Métodos de Análisis). Then, Pablo explains the work already performed for the ASIO module and Alejandro presents his work for with the EDMA challenge. The materials of these talks can de downloaded:

18th Roberto García

Roberto García will talk about the VIVO system implemented at the University of Lleida to easily localize experts in different research areas. The slides of the talk can be downloaded here: Material.

July 2020

3rd Jose Labra

Jose Labra will talk about Research projects, funding possibilities within the university, collaborations between industry and academia, and intellectual property. The slides are available in Labra’s web: Material.

June 2020

26th Jose Labra

This talk by Jose Labra explores many aspects of publishing scientific content: writing technique, types of publications, how to deal with failures, CV, etc. The slides are available in Labra’s web: Material.

17th Jose Labra

Jose Labra introduces the research world and the PhD studies to the newest members of WESO. The slides are available in Labra’s web: Material.

December 2019

19th: Jose Labra

Jose Labra presents a short tutorial about ontologies. It takes place at the Valdes Salas building’s Assembly Hall.

March 2019

7th: Guillermo Facundo

Guillermo (Willy) will present the system developed for the company IZERTIRS S.L. that defines an unified optimized search systemfor the SNOMED CT and ICD classifications systems. You can download the keynote here, see the documentadion or take a look to the repo of the project.


February 2019

6th: Victor Aravena

Victor Aravena, PhD student in WESO, Professor at Universidad de la Frontera and co-founder of Biosoft, presents his PhD work and his professional activities.

21th: Herminio García

Herminio presents the proposal titled ‘Translating from AMR to RDF and SPARQL: A position paper’. In this work we propose AMR as a useful tool in order to achieve automatic translation between natural language entries and semantic web standars. We discuss techniques to perform this translation.


28th: Daniel Fernández

Dani presents his work about inference of Shape Expressions in RDF grpahs, as well as a review of current working prototypes to perform the same task developed by other researchers. Dani’s prototype is called Shexer.