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WESO is a multidisplinary research group from the Computer Science Department at the University of Oviedo. As a group, our main research activity involves semantic Web, eucation and technology transfer. We are a constantly evolving group, commited to with the development of of reseach proyects that empowers the use of semantic technologies and web standards.

Research Lines:

  • Semantic Architectures. Designing and developing architectures based on domain knowledge.
  • Collaborative Semantic Services. Improving existing solutions with a semantic collaborative approach.
  • Linked and Open Data. Offering new solutions for combining RDF vocabularies and published data.



In ORBITA we provide a dynamic dataset visualization system in which the information could be represented in diferentes ways and having into account different user profiles. This will provide the data management to perform entity reconciliation, filtering, searching and sorting tasks.


The main objective of RETINAS consist in research about techonologies of real time video analysis, semantic technologies and Soft Computing techniques ir order to be used in intelligent monitoring systems in heterogeneous environments.


The goal of ROCAS is to provide a distributed semantic reasoning system based on cloud computing where each node is able to cooperate with others in the reasoning process. We consider that this approach can, on the one hand, be independent of the inference engines used in the reasoning process and, on the other hand, divide into the nodes the tasks to be performed to complete the reasoning process. This system will be able to process a massive amount of data and facts keeping the performance of the process.


This project is focused in increasing the productivity in software development activities in outsourcing global scenarios and improve the quality of developed software, based on organizational intelligence and innovation, increasing the competitive level of organizations. This will contribute significantly to enhance the role of Spain as a destination and origin of software factories, and it will also provide a model exportable to other countries and companies, with the consequent provision of consulting services in this area.


The aim of this project is to show the activities to be performed in 10ders Project on e-Procurement. The platform planned by 10ders Project is intend to fulfill the needs of e-procurement at European, national and regional levels.

MLOD Patterns

Multilingual Linked Open Data Patterns.





It is part of project 10ders. It is a simple web interface to search public procurement notices that receives a set of CPV codes and a set of NUTS codes as input parameters. The result is presented using the classical tabular view and an EXHIBIT interface is also provided in order to get a faceted view of the results.


It is a Java API for the development, configuration, customization and execution of the Spreading Activation techniques in the field of the Semantic Web. These techniques have been used for the efficient exploration of knowledge bases built on semantic networks in Information or Document Retrieval problems.


ACOTA (Automatic Collaborative Tagging). It is a Java-based library for suggesting tags in a collaborative and automatic way. It is based on the use of ontologies to manage the tags and provide advanced services of automatic learning, reasoning, etc. It is supposed to be a component to implement the knowledge management with folksonomies.


It is the main repository for storing documentation, common source code, etc.



José Emilio Labra Gayo

Main researcher Associate professor jelabra@weso.es +34 985103397

Daniel Gayo Avello

PhD Associate professor dani@uniovi.es +34 985103397

Patricia Ordóñez De Pablos

PhD Associate professor patriop@uniovi.es +34 985 10 33 97

Guillermo Infante Hernández

Engineer Research Engineer infanteguillermo@uniovi.es +34 985103397

Carlos Iglesias Moro

Coordination and Management Business Development and Relationships contact@carlosiglesias.es +34 687917759


Ignacio Fuertes Bernardo

Engineer ifbyol@gmail.com +34 985 10 33 97

César Luis Alvargonzález

Engineer sisa989@gmail.com +34 985 10 33 97